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Upholstery Cleaning Services

A sofa or any other fabric furniture can be the pride and joy of your lounge or living area. Here at Dustbusters Cleaning UK, we can tackle the stains and dust collected on your furniture overtime and leave your furniture looking as good as new with our professional upholstery cleaning services provided in Kingston and the surrounding area.

Fabric furnishings are a luxury that can really make the room stand out, but the daily use of the furniture will accelerate the dirt being collected at a much faster rate.

With the help of our professional cleaning services, we will try to make sure any stains are removed from your sofa or armchair with a thorough deep clean. Our dedicated technicians have years of experience and will make certain that you will not only have amazing results, but a first-class customer service. We will make sure your furniture is cleaned without damaging the product in the process.

Along with our competitive prices, there are no hidden charges. We believe you deserve an open and honest service to support your cleaning requirements.  This means that once you have been provided a quote, that is what you’ll be paying.

If you would like to enquire about our upholstery cleaning or any of our other efficient cleaning services, you can contact us via email at or book online via our website today.

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