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Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Carpet Cleaning Service

We use a high pressure water extraction cleaning method to reach down deep into the root of the fibres of the carpets or rugs.

Our industrial and state of the art cleaning equipment will effectively remove soil from the root bottom of the carpet, where dirt, dust and allergens settle.

Our stain cleaning service will remove many stubborn stains like red wine, tea, coffee, pet dirt, urine, vomit and most food related stains etc.

After treatment the carpets are dry enough to walk on straight away, however we recommend that you allow 2 hours.

Walk on your carpet only if necessary; keep in mind that it is advised to wear clean shoes until any moisture dries out completely.

Please make sure the room is well-ventilated after cleaning to speed up drying.

Our Sofa Cleaning Service

In our sofa cleaning service we use the same industrial high pressure water extraction machine and method as we do when cleaning carpets but with a special cleaning head to reach every corner of your sofas or armchairs.


Our sofa cleaning method includes stain removal and deep cleaning. The result will allow you to enjoy your renewed vibrant sofas looking good once again.

Our Sofa Cleaning Service

Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Certainly you clean everything in your home regularly. But like most people, you probably never think of cleaning your mattress.


Well, you might vacuum clean it from time to time. But you probably did not realise that your mattress is one of the most unhygienic place in your home.


Even if your home is very well looked after and cleaned regularly, there are still dust mites, bacteria, fungi and mould present in your mattress.


Our mattress cleaning service is highly recommended, especially for those who suffer with Asthma or Allergies.

Our mattress cleaning is a 2 stage cleaning process:


1. Vacuuming (A special machine used to get rid of the inside dirt such as dust, dust mites, dust mites’ faeces.)


2. Sterilising (High pressure and temperature dry steam).

Both sides of the mattress are cleaned.

Dust mites

Dust mites

Dust mites are very tiny creatures, they live in everyone’s mattress, carpets, upholstery.


They are not harmful, but their faeces contain allergens especially for Asthmatics.


Dust mites travel in your dust around the house.


There can be up to 2 million dust mites in one mattress!

You can get rid of them using our mattress cleaning services.


Having said that, the sad fact is, that they will re-inhabit your house in about 6 months time and there is nothing you can do about it.


Well, you can make it a bit slower if you follow our tips, but it will happen.

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